Best Christmas

Charity Christmas CD EP featuring six tracks
      “The Best Christmas by a Country Mile


We are pleased to announce some of the finest acts in South Wales have kindly donated seasonal  for our limited edition Charity Christmas CD EP in aid of the Red Cross Refugee Appeal . Below are the details of the six tracks….

1. John Liepins – “It Don’t Seem Like Christmas to Me” (4:05)
John’s lament to being apart from a loved one at Christmas tugged at the heartstrings of us at Country Mile and led to this collection of seasonal songs. Such are this man’s talents, he even drew the cover art for the EP too! 

2. The Grief Brothers – “Another Beery Christmas” (3:49)
The Grief’s paean to a typical Christmas scene in South Wales with relatives overindulging on the booze and then driving to “Midnight Mass in a stolen car”! You’ll be singing along to chorus until New Years Eve!

3. Punks Not Dad – “Gaz 4 Shaz (2geva 4eva)” (3:07)
It’s Christmas and Punks Not Dad return to the Recreation Ground where as a boy, Gaz had his romantic tryst with Shaz only to find that since the divorce, someone has painted the original graffiti back on the shed wall…!  

4. Jon Langford’s Men of Gwent “Christmas Carol, Christmas Ray” (2:29)
Recorded in Leeds the day after “Langfest” in Manchester when Jon played with The Mekons and The Three Johns on successfive nights. Jon and the band recall family Christmases in Gwent Valley towns from excuses to not go to church to spilling brandy while “someone robbed the Christmas Club”!

5. Railroad Bill “Santa Needs a Drink” (2:47)
Cardiff skiffle kings (and stars of BBC Show “Britain’s Best Part Time Band) sing the lament of poor old Father Christmas as he is given his marching orders from his in a Department Store and he could really do with a drink….!

6. Give Me Memphis with Andrea Lewis – “Snowing” (3:21)
Newport’s finest are joined by Andrea from The Darling Buds to celebrate a smattering of the white stuff across South Wales…