Grief Brothers

First CD pressing Sold Out!
CD repressed in new sleeve!

Country Mile Records are proud to release The Grief Brothers’ debut CD - “Thirty Five Years On Woodfield Street”, a collection of fourteen original tales of love, longing and loss. 

At times the songs of ‘Thirty Five Years On Woodfield Street’ bring to mind Dylan Thomas taking you on a journey around a Welsh town (with a band in-tow). Opening track ‘A Lost Week In Bingoland’ takes you to a bleak seaside town where the careworn block out even bleaker lives, while the upbeat ‘Outdoor Life’ tells the tale of Swansea valley street drinkers and their “Tennents Super, milky meths, grubby days and early deaths..”, and ‘Marion Jones’ where the singer meets an unrequited crush after half a lifetime (giving the album its title ‘Thirty Five Years On Woodfield Street’).

Elsewhere, the album is blessed by guest musicians Jon Langford (of The Mekons, Waco Brothers, Men of Gwent) who takes over on vocal duties for the song ‘Scurvy Dogs of Llansawel’, and legendary South Wales melodeon player Guto Dafis. 

The Grief Brothers, who were the first release on Country Mile Records with the 7” vinyl single ‘Silo’ (a cover of the fabulous Scud Mountain Boys tune) are a Swansea band writing original songs about local life.