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Buzz Magazine (Sept 2018) - 5* Review
“This is Great! Reminded of Randy Newman, the Wainright clan and Lou Reed yet the singer still manages to convey originality and class”

€˜Loser Leaves Town” is an excellent album where one man uses the art of song  writing to tell us something of his life experiences in a way which is  insightful, witty and thoroughly entertaining. On the evidence of this  album there can’t be too many song writers in Wales today who are better than Spencer Segelov.

Spencer Segelov is a musical genius who has been omnipresent on the music scene of South Wales for the past decade. From fronting the Spencer McGarry Season to adding his skills to albums by John Mouse, Sweet Baboo, The Soft Hearted Scientists & The Naked Citizens, Spencer has finally made the solo album we have all been waiting for – Loser Leaves Town !

Spencer originally announced in 2005 that he would to record six albums in six different styles and Loser Leaves Town completes this promise.
From the heartache yacht-rock of Ann-Marie to the melancholic euphoria of The Records In Your Dad’s Collection and the hyper-catchy Nice Work If You Can Get It, the album Loser Leaves Town is a modern classic fixated on failed relationships, unhealthy nostalgia, depression, spiritual desire based on experiences in Swansea where Spencer grew up.

As well as writing, singing and arranging the songs, Spencer plays all the instruments on the album (ably assisted by esteemed Cardiff based Producer, Charlie Francis) making it a truly solo effort!

Whilst previous albums have featured orchestras, choirs, samba bands and synthesisers, Loser Leaves Town is a simple, piano led collection. The bittersweet, self-critical and personal songs have been favourably compared to classic artists such as Rufus Wainwright, Randy Newman, Andrew Gold, Carole King, Elton John, Billy Joel and Father John Misty.

Spencer has recruited a small, understated group of musicians to help promote Loser Leaves Town at gigs in the coming months and we implore you to give Loser Leaves Town a listen and help us ensure that Spencer Segelov decides to return to town and celebrate this album as winner!

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